Meet Mark, Certified Life Coach

"My mission is to live this life in a way that pleases Jesus Christ.  This includes helping others obtain reachable and realistic goals and dreams.  Together we will develop and define a plan that actually works; our focus will be on removing emotional, mental or spiritual blocks that sabotage you from executing the plan and reaching your goals."

Mark is a licensed body worker in both North Carolina and New York. He has been perfecting his skills for the last 13 years. He is also an inventor and businessman; great lover of the outdoors and a former professional athlete.


Meet Sharon, Certified Life Coach

"My primary goal is to leave this world with nothing left to give; having fully loved my family, friends and community and having helped those within my world reach their full potential.  Everyone has dreams and goals but sometimes the goals seem unattainable and the dreams a figment of a wild imagination and discouragement and complacency take over.  I am dedicated to helping people reclaim their dreams and goals and show them how to set a practical and achievable plan in place to successfully move forward in life."

Sharon has her master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy and throughout her life has worked in professional and volunteer positions inspiring individuals, couples and families to love and accept themselves and encouraging them to navigate and overcome obstacles along the way.