Write Your Story

Forty-five percent of us make New Year’s resolutions (goals) and 8% of us keep them. There is a simple way to increase your chance of keeping your goals—WRITE THEM DOWN.  Writing down your goals increases the chance of you keeping them by 50%. Fifty percent! For the next three days we will focus on determining your goals and then starting a plan to achieve them. The free tools we provide you with will launch you to the next level in business, relationships, finances, or any area of your life that you wish to improve. 

Let’s get started! Today’s tool is so much fun! There are no crazy and unobtainable dreams and this exercise gives you the space to dream without limits.  Enjoy and please, reach out to us with questions or feedback by subscribing to this blog. 

                                                                                    (statistics from www.statisticbrain.com)

Download the miracle question exercise!