Life in Balance

Yesterday Mark shared with us the Effects of Stress on Your Body.  Today, let’s put that information to practical use for you. We are not one dimensional human beings but rather, multi-faceted, with aspects of our lives that bring us great joy and satisfaction and areas that potentially bring us stress and less than ideal levels of happiness and fulfillment.

Today’s tool the Life Satisfaction Wheel will help you put in writing areas of your life that are doing really well and areas that may have room for improvement. We all strive for BALANCE in our busy, busy lives and this exercise will help you see how balanced your life is.  The good news? If your “wheel” is flat, or broken-down in some areas, we can help you fix it.  We won’t leave you stranded by the side of the road; the next few days are full of tools to get you back on the road to setting new goals and achieving your dreams.

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