You Gotta Trust Somebody

You’ve recognized the effects of stress on your body, discovered areas of imbalance in your life, written down your perfect life story, established your 3 most important long-term goals and now the next phase gives you the opportunity to take a BOLD and DARING step toward your lifetime GOALS!

Commitment Cards keep you invested in the goal, and provide you inspiration to keep on reaching for your dreams.  This exercise asks you to share your #1 long-term goal with someone you trust—someone who will not only be cheering for you but who will give you a much needed kick in the butt if you don’t follow through on your promises.  The benefits of accountability are well documented across all areas of life and goal setting and keeping are no exception.  Take the next step and share your dreams with someone you trust.  I know, it can be a little scary to share something that maybe you’ve kept to yourself for a very long time.  Our dreams are a representation of who we are at our very core. I guarantee that your trusted friend or family member will be honored to take this journey toward great, life altering events with you.

If you need an extra person to trust with your goal, we are here and available and would be honored to witness the unfolding of your future success. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed the last 5 days of coaching tools.  If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know by subscribing to our blog.

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